Nubis Aviation Training provides a dedicated high-calibre compliance training and support platform designed by professionals for the aviation industry.

 With many talented and educated individuals within this sector, we aim to sustain and improve productivity and aircraft safety, through vital and up-to-date training that exceeds regulatory standards. 

 We understand the unique challenges faced by your organisation including time and costs in meeting industry requirements and maintaining compliance. 

You have our support and solutions. 

Let us be the fuel to your skills.


Individual Training

As an individual or contract personnel, Nubis Aviation supply regulatory training as required by EASA.
Step 1
Choose between: 
a) Training taken as individual modules via a one-time purchase.
b) Training taken as a continuous learning training programme. 
Step 2
Simply sign up and purchase your chosen method of training via credit or debit card. 
Step 3
After completion of each course, you will be emailed a certificate of achievement. This will also be stored on your personal online-portal for future records. 
To meet regulatory requirements as per Part 145, please download the 'Syllabus and Letter of Conformity' along with your chosen subject found under each course selection below.



Corporate Training

The requirements for corporate users are the same as those for individual users.
Discounts are available for buying in bulk and all account set up for corporate users can be done by Nubis Aviation Training Ltd if you choose.
Please contact our team at training@nubisaviationtraining.com for more details and help with setting up numerous account users.
Kindly click on the button below that shows which courses are required for individual job roles, as per EASA:




Are you new to training online and independently? Don't worry! 

Our partnership with The Open University can help support and guide you or your organisation in joining our online aviation training platform.

Digital literacy: succeeding in a digital worldis a free OU OpenLearn course which introduces the ethos of what it is like to train, work or study within a virtual environment. 

*Please note, you do not have to be enrolled as an OU student to take this course.  

Nubis Aviation Training has been created to facilitate easier accessibility and availability of support resources and experience for all users training with us. 

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about training with our online platform, please send them to info@nubisaviationtraining.com 


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Regulatory courses meet the requirements of Part 145 as per EASA.

Please refer to the course matrix above for more information.
Courses will be coming soon!

Test Course

This is simply a test bed - please do not buy now - course coming soon! - Thank you

Course Price

Kindly refer to our syllabus and letter of conformity for more information and quality assurance purposes.

Syllabus and Letter of Conformity



Our continuous training program enables users to complete the regulatory required training courses as ‘bite-size’ modules of 5-20 minutes at a time.

This is ideal to be taken whilst on-shift and used as a support for actual maintenance activity.

Bespoke Individual user syllabus programs can be customised and adapted to organisational needs.
Kindly contact training@nubisaviationtraining.com for more information and purchase options.
Courses will be coming soon!

Test Subscription

This is simply a test bed - please do not buy now - course coming soon! - Thank you

Course Price
£0.00 pm

Kindly refer to our syllabus and letter of conformity for more information and quality assurance purposes.

Syllabus and Letter of Conformity

Classroom Training


All courses supplied by Nubis Aviation Training can be taken as a personalised classroom course.
Students will receive a dedicated book containing course slides and notes as well as branded stationary.
  1-10 Persons 11-20 Persons 21-30 persons 
Human Factors 
Fuel Tank Safety
Safety Management Systems
  $60 per person per day $50 per person per day $40 per person per day
Bespoke, Individual user syllabus programs can be customised in order to adapt to organisational needs.
Kindly contact training@nubisaviationtraining.com for more information and purchase options.
*Please note that costs relate to travel and accommodation and are additional to the overall cost of training - This is always negotiable and discussed with the individual customer and may not be applicable as some customers may wish to use their own facilities.


Services include;

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Competancy Analysis
  • Supervisor & Management Training
  • Communication Essentials in a Digital Age

Kindly contact services@nubisaviationtraining.com for more information.



Nubis Aviation Training are pleased to offer recruitment services, for all departments and staff, through our partnership agreements.

Kindly contact recruitment@nubisaviationtraining.com for more information and discounts.




Our unique Learning Management System is perfect for in-house training, allowing for continuous and adaptable learning for all staff.

Cost and time savings for organisations: No need to travel for classroom-based training with flexible and remote access to our online support platform. 

Continuous learning: Increases information retention and maintains productivity levels. 

Continuous updates: To meet the ever-changing requirements and regulations.

Adaptable training: Through continuous learning split into small bite size course over a 2-year repetitive period, we can adapt training to suit your specific requirements, from addressing Human Factor issues to particular incident training, ensuring complete relevancy to you and your employees. 

Empowering you and your employees:  Organisations retain control of user content, experience and feedback whilst igniting passion for individuals to take greater control of their learning.

By facilitating the growth and skills of your employees through our platform, you enable your staff to fly to new heights and navigate your organisation to the next level.
Simply sign up, log in and fuel your skills, at your convenience, anywhere in the world.
Contact training@nubisaviationtraining.com for a demonstration!




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