Risk Management



Unlocking Efficiency & Effectiveness


In connection with aemTEK LTD, Nubis Aviation are proud to introduce an innovative Virtual Health & Safety Environment (VHSE).  Helping all aviation related companies automate and standardise processes to comply with regulatory authorities.


VHSE™ is a modern platform that allows your organisation to;

    favicon View your own specific complete regulatory profile list. (linked to UK Health & Safety)

    favicon Modernise and standardise the Risk Evaluation and Management process, making previously qualitative judgements quantitative, standardised and meaningful.
    favicon Continuously improve, guided by your automatically-generated & company-specific Gap Analysis.
    favicon Benefit from the power of shared knowledge within your own organisation.
    favicon Empower your own workers in identifying, assessing, mitigating and managing hazards & risks – those who know your organisation best!
    favicon Benefit from transparency & real-time requirements.


    favicon Automates quantified categorisation of all hazards, risks and mitigations, for streamlined decision-making and benchmark definition.

VHSE image



Functionality you don’t see?

We are a growing and customer-committed company – we have a feedback module built in. We’ll add what our customers require!



Bonus features;

No extra cost to add more users.  Everything you need in one place.


Kindly contact info@nubisaviationtraining.com for more information and purchase options.