We understand the distinct challenges faced by you and many organisations in meeting industry requirements and maintaining compliance. Our LMS looks to resolve and improve many issues including time and costs in keeping your training up-to-date: • Cost and time savings with flexible and remote access to your personal online training portal. This means you can complete aviation training wherever you are in the world without the need to travel to classroom-based lessons. • Continuous learning increases information retention maintaining and improving your productivity levels. • Continuous updates to meet the ever-changing industry requirements and regulations means you need not worry about missing critical training. • Adaptable training allows you to either a) train through continuous learning split into bite-sized courses over a 2-year repetitive period and b) train to suit your specific requirements, from addressing Human Factor issues to specific incident training, ensuring complete relevancy to you or your organisation. • Empowering you by igniting passion to take greater control of your learning. • Empowering organisations who wish to retain control of user content, experience and feedback. Simply sign up, log in and fuel your skills, at your convenience, wherever you are in the world!

You will be emailed a certificate of achievement each time you complete a course as proof of your updated skills and continuous training. This will also be stored on your online portal to access anytime so you need not worry if you accidentally loose an email.

You’ll train using our unique in-house Learning Management System which allows for continuous and adaptable training.

Online. However, we also provide classroom-based training.

All courses supplied by us can be taken as a personalised classroom-based lesson adapted to you or your organisational needs. For instance, focusing on Human Factors, EWIS or Fuel Tank Safety. Please find our table for pricing and attendee capacity. All classroom attendees receive a dedicated book course notes and slides as well as stationary.

Our individual and corporate training can be taken as either a) individual modules via a one-time purchase or b) training taken as a continuous learning training programme.

Simply choose your method of training and sign up via debit or credit card using our secure payment system.

We provide both individual and corporate training as required by regulatory standards and requirements which meet Part 145 as per EASA.

Whatever your training requirements, you have our support and solutions, and we are here to help you every step of the way. Please click the contact button at the bottom of the page for further information. Let us be the fuel to your skills!