Our industry innovative Learning Management System is perfect for in-house training, allowing continuous and adaptable learning for all staff.


Cost and time savings for organisations: No need to travel for classroom-based training with flexible and remote access to our online support platform. 

Continuous learning: Increases information retention and maintains productivity levels. 

Continuous updates: To meet the ever-changing requirements and regulations.

Adaptable training: Through continuous learning split into small bite size course over a 2-year repetitive period, we can adapt training to suit your specific requirements, from addressing Human Factor issues to particular incident training, ensuring complete relevancy to you and your employees. 

Empowering you and your employees:  Organisations retain control of user content, experience and feedback whilst igniting passion for individuals to take greater control of their learning.


By facilitating the growth and skills of your employees through our platform, you enable your staff to fly to new heights and navigate your organisation to the next level.


Simply sign up, log in and fuel your skills, at your convenience, anywhere in the world.


Contact training@nubisaviationtraining.com for a demonstration!