Brexit: What does it mean for the Civil Aviation Authority?

We’ve already spoken about the ‘Updated Changes to the Airport Transit Visa (ATV) in connection with a No-Deal Brexit’ and news on ‘Flying after Brexit: EASA and UK Air Operators’ but here we look further at ‘Brexit: What does it mean for the CAA’ (Civil Aviation Authority).

In the case that the UK will leave the EU with a no-deal outcome, the aviation industry will face new challenges which require preparation.

As of today, the UK remains part of the EU and therefore a member of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) which means current aviation principles remain credible for both the UK and EU members.

However, what does a future UK-EU partnership for aviation look like after the UK’s revised exit date of October 31, 2019 comes around?

Well, early June of this year saw the UK Government set out a framework for a future UK-EU partnership for transport.

The report focuses on a liberal approach or mutual-gains and shared-benefits for both parties.

It also includes a desire on both the UK Government and CAA’s behalf to continue collective participation and development with the EU in EASA standards.

The UK Government and CAA believe this is vital for the efficient workings of mutual agreements on safety regulations and recognitions for established licenses, certificates and approvals of EU and UK aviation personnel including pilots and engineers.

Likewise, a continued UK-EU partnership for transport ensures the sustainability of a globally integrated aviation-support industry in terms of development and production of aircraft services.

It would be in the interests of both parties to continue collective action in the safety and security of the aviation industry for consumers and businesses.

A no-deal outcome will see the UK Government and CAA continue to seek an agreed transport partnership with the EU.

The government has set out several notices for aviation services to prepare if negotiations do not fall through.

Please find more information on the action you might need to take to prepare for Brexit at the CAA website.

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