Who is responsible for the regulatory training of aircraft maintenance engineers?

Over the past few months, we’ve had quite a few enquiries over the confusion on who is responsible for ensuring that aircraft maintenance engineers keep up to date with their regulatory training and whether third-party training organisations, such as ourselves, require approvals to supply training to engineers.

We can assure you that Nubis Aviation is legally able to supply the training for engineers and no approvals are required for this under regulatory legislation. To explain this further, please continue reading below.

A Part 147 is an approved training organisation. Any approved Part 147 organisations are responsible for both basic training and type training.


On the other hand, a Part 145 is an approved EASA maintenance organisation. This means that the company meets the acceptable standards to operate as a maintenance organisation.  Maintenance personnel must complete initial and continuous regulatory training (every 2 years) in order to work as an aircraft engineer. 


It is the responsibility of the Part 145 organisation to ensure that their personnel’s training is kept up to date. For instance, supplying training through third-party organisations such as Nubis Aviation.

The Mandatory Organisation Exposition, a quality-type system, ensures that Part 145 organisations can prove that the training is carried out according to regulations.

Part 145 organisations simply must ensure that their personnel meet requirements. No approvals are necessary.

However, at Nubis Aviation, we provide a letter of conformity and quality of assurance to Part 145 organisations that utilise our regulatory training courses to train their staff.

Our letter of conformity confirms that training courses delivered by us meet the current regulations of EASA 145.A.30 for Personnel Requirements as per Commission Regulation EU No. 1321/2014 for continued airworthiness. Furthermore, all updates and requirements for regulatory courses are controlled and documented using internal Quality Management System and revised as required as per the terms & conditions of Nubis Aviation Ltd.

The Part 145 organisations receive this information from us and pass it on to the Mandatory Organisation Exposition meaning that we can supply training. This is an extra step on our behalf that we take to comply and facilitate an effective process.

So, in short, it is the responsibility of the Part 145 organisation to ensure regulatory training is kept up-to-date, and third-party organisations such as us here at Nubis Aviation, facilitate this responsibility by providing the training and other resources such as a beneficial Learning Management System to ensure personnel are qualified to carry out their role.

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